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Solar Panel Kits

Discover the freedom of sustainable travel with our solar panel kits for campervans, motorhomes, caravans or boats. Our easy-to-install kits provide everything you need to generate clean, renewable energy on the go, so you can save money, reduce reliance on gas and electricity and enjoy reliable power anywhere. Perfect for off-grid adventures or caravan parks, our solar kits are an environmentally friendly investment that quickly pays for itself. Browse the full range below or contact us for a free custom energy design quote to get started today.

Small Solar Panel Kits ( up to 175w)  Medium Solar Panel Kits ( 175w to 350w)

Ideal for minimal power needs like charging small devices and lighting. Perfect for weekend trips and light users wanting to dip their toes into solar power.

Made for moderate energy users, these solar panel kits for campervans can handle the daily charging of devices and small appliances. Suitable for longer road trips or more frequent use.
Large Solar Panel Kits ( 350w plus) Flexible Solar Panel Kits

For those with significant energy needs, our larger kits support the running of several appliances, charging and more, ensuring comfort and convenience on the go.

Flexible solar panel kits

With bendable panels, these flexible solar panel kits offer versatility for installation on curved surfaces, making them ideal for various campervans, motorhomes and boats.

Solar Panel Kits with Leisure Batteries Solar Panel Kits with Batteries & Inverters

Solar Panel Kit with Leisure Battery

These kits come complete with leisure batteries, providing a reliable storage solution for the energy your panels generate, ready for use anytime.

Solar panel kit with leisure battery and inverter

A comprehensive setup for converting solar power into usable AC electricity, our solar kits include batteries and inverters, covering all your power needs.

Solar Panel Kits with Batteries, Inverters & DC to DC Chargers Dual Battery Solar Charging Kits

Solar kit with Inverter, Leisure battery and Dc to Dc Charger

The ultimate solar kit gives you the ability to charge from solar, AC outlets and your vehicle’s alternator, ensuring you’re powered up under any condition.

Dual solar battery charging kits

Specifically designed for systems with more than one battery bank, our solar kits for campervans ensure even charging and power distribution, ideal for complex setups.

Full Off Grid Solar Kits Complete Campervan Electrical Kits

Full off grid solar panel kits

Everything you need to live sustainably, these off-grid solar kits offer powerful solutions for sustaining your energy needs without any external power sources.

Full campervan electrical kits

A one-stop solution for your campervan’s electrical system, our campervan electrical kits include solar panel accessories and everything else needed for a full electrical setup.

Combined MPPT / Battery to Battery Kits

Combined MPPT Battery to Battery charging kits

Integrate solar charging with advanced MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology and battery-to-battery charging for efficient energy use and management.

What is a Solar Panel Kit?

If you're new to van life, you're probably wondering about solar power for your vehicle. A solar panel kit for campervans is the ultimate power solution for modern-day exploring. Designed to meet the needs of campervans, motorhomes and boat enthusiasts alike, our solar kits have everything you need to harness the sun’s power to get clean, renewable energy. Each kit is put together to ensure ease of installation and use, providing you with a self-sufficient power source that’s both reliable and environmentally friendly.

Included in Every Kit:

  • High-efficiency solar panels
  • Charge controllers
  • Mounting hardware
  • Cabling and connectors
  • Comprehensive installation guide

Benefits of a Solar Panel Kit:

  • Sustainability - Generate your own clean energy, reducing your carbon footprint and helping protect the planet.
  • Cost Savings - Minimise expenses on fuel and maintenance associated with traditional power sources like generators.
  • Freedom and convenience - Enjoy the liberty of off-grid living without sacrificing comfort, perfect for adventurers who prefer the path less traveledtravelled.
  • Reliability - Depend on a consistent power supply for your essentials, from lighting to refrigeration, wherever your travels take you.

Buy solar panel kits online or speak to our expert team for more information today.

Why Choose Van Junkies for Your Solar Power Needs?

✓ Expertise You Can Rely On

With years of experience in the campervan and motorhome industry, Van Junkies has a deep understanding of what adventurers truly need. Our team is passionate and knowledgeable about solar power, so we can provide the best solar solutions to enhance your travel experience.

✓ Customised Solutions Just for You

No two adventures are the same – that's why we offer personalised consultations to design solar panel kits that fit your lifestyle. Whether you need a small kit for weekend getaways or a comprehensive off-grid system, we have a kit that'll match your needs perfectly.

✓ Top-Quality Components for Reliability

Your peace of mind is our priority. Van Junkies selects only the highest-quality solar panels, batteries and accessories for our solar kits. We partner with trusted manufacturers to ensure your solar power system is ultra-durable and reliable, no matter where your journey takes you.

✓ Unparalleled Customer Support

From your first quote to after-sales service, our team provides expert guidance and support every step of the way. Judging by the many happy customers and our 5 Star Google & 4.6 star Trustpilot reviews, we always aim for 100% satisfaction. We're always here to help with installation questions, system optimisation and any other queries you might have. With Van Junkies, you're never alone on your solar adventure.

✓ Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Travel

We're committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle. Our solar energy campervan design service and off-grid solar panel kits provide you with a renewable energy source that's good for the planet while supporting your adventures.

✓ Fast Delivery - With our fast shipping services, you'll receive your order in no time. Plus, we offer an expedited next-day delivery option for those who need their items even faster.

Frequently Asked Question

The size depends on your power usage. Small kits (up to 175W) are great for basic needs like lighting and charging devices, while medium (175W to 350W) and large kits (350W and above) are better for running appliances and supporting extended off-grid adventures. For precise sizing, consult our experts for a personalised recommendation.

Yes, our solar panel kits are designed for easy installation, complete with a comprehensive guide. If you're comfortable with basic tools, you can set up the kit yourself. However, for complex systems or if you're unsure, professional installation is recommended.

High-quality solar panels can last 25 years or more. The longevity of your kit depends on the components and maintenance. Van Junkies only supplies kits with durable, efficient components for long-lasting performance.

Our flexible solar panels are lightweight and versatile, ideal for curved surfaces. While they are slightly less durable than rigid panels, they still offer excellent longevity when properly installed and maintained.

Yes, with the right setup. A sufficiently sized solar panel kit, especially when paired with batteries and inverters, can power your lighting, appliances and devices. Energy needs vary, so let's discuss your requirements for a tailored solution.

Solar panels can still generate power on cloudy days, though at reduced efficiency. Van Junkies offers high-efficiency panels optimised for performance in various light conditions, ensuring reliable power supply.

Solar panel kits for campervans and boats require minimal maintenance. Regularly clean the panels to remove dust, leaves and other outdoor debris to maintain efficiency. Periodic checks of the solar panel system's accessories for wear and tear can also prolong its lifespan.

Solar panel kits provide a renewable energy source, reducing reliance on external power and generators. They offer freedom, sustainability and savings on energy costs in the long run, making them a smart investment for any vanlife adventurer.