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Complete Campervan Conversion Electrical Kits

Complete Campervan Electrical Kits


Ready for the ultimate off-grid adventure? With Van Junkies’ campervan conversion electric kits, you can enjoy sustainable travel and have everything you need to power your journey with clean, renewable energy. Featuring state-of-the-art Victron Energy inverters, comprehensive solar power systems and powerful battery storage, each part works together, letting you enjoy home comforts, no matter how far you roam. Discover the perfect conversion kit for your campervan or motorhome below to get started today.

What is a Campervan Conversion Electrical Kit?

Take on the open road with confidence with our campervan conversion kits. These kits are a comprehensive package, equipping campervans, motorhomes or RVs with everything needed to generate, store and manage electrical power efficiently. These electrical kits for campervans are especially valuable if you're looking to embrace off-grid living, providing a reliable energy source wherever you go.

Each Kit Typically Includes:

  • Solar panels - Easily capture solar energy and convert it into electrical power. Whether flexible or rigid, our high-quality panels ensure maximum efficiency and durability.
  • Charge controller - Manage the charging of the battery bank from the solar panels, protect batteries from overcharging and extend their lifespan.
  • Batteries -Store the electrical energy generated by the solar panels for use when needed. These range from traditional lead-acid batteries to more advanced lithium-ion options.
  • Inverter - Converts DC (direct current) from the batteries into AC (alternating current), the form of electricity required to power standard campervan appliances and for charging.
  • Monitoring system - Allows users to monitor energy production, consumption and battery status, ensuring efficient use of the generated power.

Ideal For:

  • Van life adventurers seeking to explore remote locations without sacrificing modern conveniences.
  • Those looking to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle while on the road.
  • RV owners interested in extending their travel range and minimising campground fees.
  • DIY enthusiasts who enjoy customising and upgrading their campervans.

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The Benefits of Campervan Conversion Kits

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

Leveraging solar panels and other renewable sources reduces reliance on fossil fuels, lowering your carbon footprint while contributing to environmental conservation. Unlike gasoline generators, electric systems operate quietly and produce no exhaust, so you can have a pleasant camping experience without polluting.

Save Money

After the initial setup, the cost of generating electricity through solar panels or other renewable sources is significantly lower than running a generator or relying on hookups at campsites. Campervan electric systems generally require less maintenance than their petrol-powered counterparts, saving you money and hassle over time.

Independence and Convenience

With sufficient battery storage and solar capacity, you can enjoy extended periods of off-grid living, free from the need for external electrical sources. Efficient storage solutions mean you can have a continuous power supply, 24/7, ensuring your appliances and devices are always on top form. Many conversion kits are designed for DIY installation, for a straightforward way to upgrade your vehicle.

Enhanced Comfort

Reliable in various weather conditions, our modern electric conversion kits provide consistent power regardless of the climate. High-capacity systems can power various appliances and devices, from refrigerators and air conditioners to laptops and entertainment systems, enhancing the comfort of your vehicle.


Electric systems, especially those without traditional fuel sources, present a lower fire risk compared to gasoline generators. Many kits come with monitoring systems that provide real-time data on your energy consumption and system health, allowing for proactive management and maintenance.

Customisation and Scalability

Kits can be customised based on your specific power needs and the size of your vehicle, ensuring an efficient and effective setup. As your energy needs grow or technology advances, many systems can be easily expanded with additional panels, batteries or updated components. Get a free quote for a campervan electrical design for precise powering. 

What’s Included in the Kits?

Solar panels for capturing sunlight and converting it into electrical power. These panels are selected for their excellent efficiency and long-lasting abilities, designed to maximise energy capture even in low light conditions.

The charge controller plays a critical role by regulating the electricity flow from the solar panels to the batteries. It ensures batteries are charged and protected from overcharging and utilises MPPT technology for better efficiency.

Batteries store the electrical energy generated, ready for use when needed. The kit might include different types of batteries, such as AGM or Lithium-ion, each offering distinct capacities and longevity to suit various power needs and preferences.

An inverter is essential for converting the stored DC power from the batteries into AC power, making it usable for standard campervan appliances. The capacity of inverters varies, with some campervan electrical conversion kits featuring models from top brands like Victron Energy, known for their high efficiency.

A monitoring system provides vital information on power generation, consumption and storage levels, letting you manage your energy resources with ease. Advanced systems enable monitoring through digital displays or even smartphone apps, offering precise control over your energy usage.

Wiring and connectors ensure that all components are securely connected, facilitating safe and efficient power flow throughout the system. These are chosen for their quality and durability, tailored to the specific requirements of a campervan's electrical setup.

Mounting brackets are included for attaching solar panels securely to the campervan. These offer added strength and durability, capable of withstanding various weather conditions and the harshness of travel.

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✓ Unmatched Quality and Efficiency

Our campervan conversion kits are made with top-of-the-line products, including high-efficiency solar panels, durable batteries and the best Victron Energy inverters. 

✓ Expertise You Can Trust

At Van Junkies, we don’t just sell kits -- we provide solutions. Our team of experienced professionals are passionate about van life and fully understands the complex task of campervan conversions. 

✓ Spread the Costs - We accept Klarna payments, so you can enjoy your new campervan without the stress of breaking the bank.

✓ Customer Satisfaction at the Core

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our impressive 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. We take pride in the feedback from our community, showcasing our dedication to providing excellent service and support. 

✓ Comprehensive Post-Purchase Support

We understand that the journey doesn’t end with your purchase. Our comprehensive support ensures you have all the assistance you need to install, use and maintain your kit. 

✓ Quick Dispatch - Your order will arrive quickly thanks to our fast shipping process, and if you need it sooner, we provide an option for next-day delivery.

Frequently Asked Question

Selecting the right kit depends on your energy needs, the size of your vehicle and how you plan to use it. Our team at Van Junkies is here to help you assess your requirements and recommend a kit that perfectly fits your lifestyle and adventures. Why not let us design a full campervan electrical system for you before purchasing a kit?

With proper maintenance, the components of your campervan conversion kit can last for many years. Solar panels, for example, can last over 25 years, while the lifespan of batteries varies depending on their type and usage.

The capacity to power all your appliances depends on the size of the kit you choose and your energy consumption. Our larger kits are designed to handle a wide range of appliances, keeping you powered up and comfortable when living off-grid.

Yes, you can! Our campervan electrical kits are put together with scalability in mind, so you can add more solar panels or batteries as your energy needs grow. This flexibility ensures your campervan can evolve with your adventures.

Our kits include advanced monitoring systems that provide real-time insights into your energy production, consumption and storage levels, giving you efficient management of your power resources.