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Water Pumps

Washing your hands, cooking, washing dishes – as soon as you open a tap in your caravan water has to flow. But for this you need a water pump. Simple submersible and more complex pressure water pumps are both used in camping. They differ in terms of function, performance and price. Read here about the advantages and disadvantages of the different water pumps.

Submersible water pumps

In most caravans, submersible water pumps ensure that the water flows. These pumps are simply suspended in the water tank and, with a 12 V motor, they pump the water from the tank to the points of consumption. When you open a tap in your caravan, a micro switch starts the pump.

Pressure water pumps

Pressure water pumps are often installed in larger motor homes. A pressure pump is integrated in the water pipes outside the water tank and constantly keeps the pipes at a defined pressure. When you open the tap, the water pressure in the pipe falls. This is detected by a pressure switch in the pump, which then switches on the pump. Water flows from the tap with no long waiting times.