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Lithium Leisure Batteries

LiFePO4 lithium batteries are becoming more and more popular for anyone who relies on batteries to run the appliances in a motorhome, caravan, special vehicle or boat. We have a choice of lithium batteries to cater for just about any requirement. Our range includes models from 20Ah to 150Ah, covering most applications.

One of the reasons why lithium batteries are becoming so popular is that they have virtually none of the disadvantages of traditional lead-acid batteries. Here's why:

  • Fast charging - 50 Amps - 100 Amps+ depending on model and installation method
  • Safe fast discharging, making them ideal for use with inverters
  • Can be discharged by 95% without adverse effects
  • No significant drop-off in voltage even when the battery is heavily discharged
  • Low self-discharge rate - varies according to model and temperature but 3% - 10% on average
  • 2,000 - 5,000 estimated cycles depending on model and depth of discharge*
  • Low weight - approx. 50% of an equivalent lead-acid battery with a similar Ah rating
  • No maintenance
  • Completely safe - no toxic fumes, corrosive liquids or fire risk
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically