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Get ready to elevate your off-grid experience with our complete off-grid solar kits, engineered for unparalleled reliability and efficiency in remote locations. Ultra-versatile, our off-grid solar power systems effectively power essential household or office appliances – from TVs and computers to lights and low-power kettles – without stable mains electricity. Whether setting up a remote workspace or wanting comfort in your off-grid retreat, you can adjust to your energy demands across all seasons and locations. Browse all systems below to experience the freedom of sustainable power today.

What is an Off-Grid Solar Power Kit?

An off-grid solar power system is a set that works together to capture, store, convert and manage solar energy to provide a standalone power source for locations without access to the main electrical grid. This system is beneficial for remote or mobile living and working environments, such as campervans, RVs, remote cabins and small off-grid homes. 

What’s Included?

High-Efficiency Solar Panels

Victron solar panels are at the core of our kits, renowned for their durability and high efficiency, ensuring optimal energy capture from the sun.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The Iconica Hybrid pure sine wave inverter, available in various capacities, converts DC power from your batteries into AC power for your appliances, ensuring a clean, stable and efficient energy supply.

AGM Deep Cycle Leisure Batteries

Our kits include AGM deep cycle leisure batteries, designed for maximum energy storage and longevity, providing you with a reliable and sustainable power source.

Circuit Breaker

A crucial safety feature, the circuit breaker protects your system from overcurrents, making sure your setup remains safe and operational under all conditions.

Solar Extension Cables with MC4 Connectors

Solar extension cables equipped with MC4 connectors facilitate easy and secure connections between your solar panels and the rest of your system.

Tinned Copper Battery Cables

High-quality tinned copper battery cables are included for their superior conductivity and resistance to corrosion, providing efficient power transfer and system longevity.

Battery Lugs

Battery lugs enable a secure and reliable connection at the battery terminals, which are critical for efficient energy flow and system stability.

Solar Panel Mount Kit or Z Brackets

To securely affix your solar panels to your vehicle or home, we provide highly durable mounts and brackets, offering easy installation and sturdy support.

Double Entry Roof Gland

The double-entry roof gland is key for weatherproofing, allowing cables to enter your living space from the roof without leakage.

Battery Kill Switch

For safety and convenience, the battery kill switch allows you to easily disconnect the battery in case of maintenance or emergency, protecting your system and appliances.

Mega Fuse & Holder

Also included is a mega fuse and holder to protect your system from potential overcurrents, so that your off-grid setup remains safe and functional. 

Why Go Off-Grid

There are so many great reasons for living off-grid, whether that’s full-time or temporarily. And with today’s solar technology, there’s no better time to take the leap towards sustainable living. 

  • Help the Environment

Going off-grid with solar energy significantly reduces reliance on fossil fuels, contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions and environmental pollution.

  • More Independence and Freedom

Off-grid solar kits provide the freedom to live, travel or work in remote locations without access to traditional power grids. This independence is particularly appealing to those who enjoy exploring off the beaten track in campervans, RVs or maintaining remote cabins and homesteads.

  • Financial Savings

Although there's an initial investment in setting up an off-grid solar system, the long-term savings can be substantial. By generating your own electricity, you avoid rising energy costs, and depending on your setup, you may significantly reduce or completely eliminate your electricity bills.

  • Energy Reliability and Security

Off-grid solar systems are reliable and can provide continuous power, even during outages or in areas where grid power is unreliable. With the right setup, you can ensure a consistent energy supply that meets your needs, whatever the weather.

  • Technological Advancements

Advances in solar technology, battery storage and energy management systems have made off-grid living more viable and efficient than ever before, making sustainable living without sacrificing comfort or convenience a reality.

  • Connection with Nature

For many, going off-grid is a way to reconnect with nature, living more harmoniously within the environment. It fosters a deeper appreciation for natural resources, encouraging more mindful consumption and a lifestyle that prioritises ecological balance.

  • Community and Collaboration

The off-grid community is growing, offering opportunities for collaboration, learning and support. Engaging with others who share similar values can be incredibly rewarding, providing a sense of belonging and collective progress towards more sustainable living practices.

Why Choose Van Junkies for Off-Grid Solar Power?

Off-Grid Living Expertise - Dive into the off-grid lifestyle with a team that combines passion with extensive knowledge, offering practical, tested advice for your energy needs.

Premium Quality Products - Trust in the quality of our solar kits from leading manufacturers, making sure your system is secure and long-lasting.

✓ Fast Shipping - You won’t have to wait long for your order with our quick shipping where you also have the option of next day delivery.

Tailored Solutions - Benefit from custom-designed systems that precisely fit your requirements for optimal efficiency and satisfaction.

Exceptional Customer Support - Rely on our dedicated support for installation guidance, troubleshooting and optimisation tips, empowering you to manage your off-grid system with confidence.

Trust and Reliability - Join a community of adventurers who trust our 5 Star Google Reviews & 4.5-star Trustpilot-rated service for integrity, quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Sustainability Commitment - Join us in making a positive environmental impact, embracing sustainable living with every solar panel installed.

Continuous Innovation - We stay ahead with the latest in solar technology and industry advancements, ensuring your off-grid solution is among the most efficient and innovative available.

Cost-Effective Solutions - Enjoy off-grid living without breaking the bank, thanks to our commitment to affordability, long-term savings and value for every customer. You can also spread the costs with Klarna.

Frequently Asked Question

Van Junkies prides itself on fast shipping for all our off-grid solar power systems, with next-day delivery options available for those who need their system as soon as possible.

The cost of a complete off-grid solar power kit from Van Junkies varies depending on the system's size, capacity and specific products needed. We do accept Klarna payments if you want to spread the costs over 3 months.

Our expert team is ready to assist you in choosing the perfect off-grid solar power system for your needs. Contact us via email, phone or through our website for advice and support.

Van Junkies offers a 14-day return policy for products returned in their original condition, subject to specific terms and conditions. For detailed information, please review our return policy or contact our customer service team.