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Advantages of Cooking on Induction

    • No Gas – The biggest advantage for us is that there’s no gas in our van. We didn’t have to worry about the installation process of gas during our van build or find an area to store a gas tank, so there’s no loss of storage space. There’s also no need to worry about different connectors when travelling, running out of gas or trying to source it when on the move. Finally, we have no concerns over ventilation or carbon monoxide by cooking on induction in the van.
    • Less moisture – When gas burns it produces water. Cast your minds back to your chemistry class and you might recall that methane reacts with oxygen when heated to produce carbon dioxide and water. Why the science lesson? Keeping moisture out of your van is a constant battle, so the less water released the better!
    • More efficient – Whilst induction uses up precious electricity it’s actually a very efficient way of cooking. Much more of the heat generated finds its way to your food than it does when cooking on gas, so much so that water will boil almost twice as fast on an induction hob than on a gas burner.
    • Easy to clean – We’re all for quick, easy and convenient. Our induction hob takes seconds to wipe down.
    • Green energy source – When we’re able to charge our battery on solar alone cooking on induction in the van is environmentally friendly. Sadly, if we have to drive solely to charge the battery it’s definitely not a clean source of power.
    • Easy to install – Our hob was really easy to install. We wired it into the electrics and we can turn the power on and off to it via our touchscreen. We’ve also seen other camper vans using portable induction hobs that simply plug in to a socket when in use.