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Battery Protect - Discharge Protectors

Automatic smart battery protectors offer protection for the discharging of your battery system, preserving your battery health and protecting appliances.

Victron Energy offers a range of discharge protectors which are designed to protect a battery bank from over-discharge and extend its lifespan. The discharge protectors offer several advantages and functionality including:

-Protecting the battery bank: The discharge protectors protect the battery bank from over-discharge by disconnecting the load when the battery's state of charge (SOC) reaches a certain level. This helps to extend the lifespan of the battery bank by preventing deep discharge cycles.

  • Customizable settings : The discharge protectors have customizable settings, this allows you to set the SOC level at which the load will be disconnected, and also set the reconnection level, depending on your needs and the type of battery you are using.

-Advanced monitoring and control: The discharge protectors can be connected to a network for remote monitoring and control, this allows you to monitor the status of the battery bank and adjust settings as needed.

-Compatible with other victron energy product: The discharge protectors can work seamlessly with other Victron Energy products such as the Multiplus inverter/charger, and GX devices for advanced monitoring and control.

-Easy installation : The discharge protectors are easy to install and they are compatible with different types of battery, you can use them with lead-acid, lithium-ion, and other types of battery.

-Reliability: The discharge protectors are built with high-quality and durable components, which ensures reliable and long-lasting performance.

Overall, Victron Energy discharge protectors are a useful addition to a battery bank and can help to extend its lifespan by preventing over-discharge. They are easy to install and customizable settings, compatible with different types of batteries, and allow advanced monitoring and control, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.