Yilkar Diesel Air Heater – YH2 Comfort kit

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Yilkar Diesel Air Heater – YH2 Comfort kit

The Yilkar YH2 is a diesel-powered blown air heater, perfect for quickly and efficiently heating your vehicle's interior. This heater works throughout the year with easy activation. It uses your vehicle's diesel fuel and can function independently of the engine, offering warmth anytime, anywhere. Ideal for vans, campervans, motorhomes, passenger vehicles, truck cabins, and emergency vehicles.

Installation involves connecting the unit to the vehicle's fuel tank. It draws fuel using a metering pump, powered by a low-current 12V supply for the pump, controller, and electronics. The heater is highly efficient, consuming just 0.2L of diesel per hour and drawing 3A from a 12V leisure battery. With a 2.5kW output, it heats interiors rapidly.

The kit includes everything for installation under a vehicle seat. It features Yilkar's YH Standard Control Panel, which is easy to use, compact, and has all the necessary features.


  • Rapid interior heating
  • High-efficiency, adaptive control
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Intelligent error monitoring
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Compact, connects to vehicle fuel tank
  • 2.5kW capacity
  • Universal fitment

A universal fuel pickup kit is provided, suitable for most vehicles. It includes a fuel suction tube, pump, filter, fittings, and pipework. The suction tube installs easily into the vehicle's existing fuel tank.

YH Comfort Control Panel:

Equipped with a user-friendly Comfort Control Panel, the Yilkar Air Heater YH2 Comfort Kit offers convenient temperature control and customisation. This control panel allows users to easily adjust the heating settings according to their preferences, ensuring maximum comfort in any environment.

  • 0.97" OLED display
  • 4-button control
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Heating and ventilation modes
  • Instant temperature display
  • °F/°C option
  • Warning display
  • Altitude limit 1500m
  • Click here for the Comfort Control Panel version.

Kit Contents:

  • Yilkar YH2 diesel heater (12V)
  • Air ducting hose kit
  • Air inlet/outlet vent kit
  • Main wiring loom
  • Vibration-absorbing seal
  • Combustion air & exhaust clamp kit
  • Combustion/exhaust air hoses
  • Polyamide fuel hose
  • Fuel metering pump
  • Vibration damper pump connection kit
  • Fuel filter kit
  • Fuel suction tube kit
  • YH Standard Control Panel

Yilkar Diesel Air Heater Installation Manual

Yilkar Diesel Air Heater Information Sheet

Yilkar Diesel Air Heater Instructions

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