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Victron Energy - Battery switch ON/OFF 275A - VBS127010010

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Victron Energy – Battery switch ON/OFF 275A – VBS127010010

The Battery Switch has a continuous current rating and is suitable for battery systems up to 48V. It has a unique ergonomic and aesthetic knob design for easy operation. Usages The Battery Switch can be used to isolate a battery from DC loads and/or DC charge sources. It is used to preserve battery charge in case a system is unattended, for system maintenance or in an emergency. It can also be used to parallel connect the house battery to the starter battery to supplement a flat starter battery or a flat house battery in case of an emergency.

The Battery Switch can be either surface or panel mounted, providing flexibility during install. It features 4 easily removable side panels for cable access.

The knob is removable for isolation or safety purposes. The Battery Switch meets the ISO8846 Ignition Protection standard and is suitable for use in an engine room.

Brand: Victron Energy
Voltage: 48V
Cranking Rating (5 seconds): 1250A
Continuous Current: 275A