Sunman EArc 430W Flexible Mono Solar Panel

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Sunman EArc 430W Flexible Mono Solar Panel: Powering the Future with Flexibility and Efficiency

Embrace the Next Generation of Solar Technology

In the evolving landscape of solar power, the Sunman EArc 430W Flexible Mono Solar Panel represents a significant leap forward. Combining the high efficiency of monocrystalline technology with unparalleled flexibility, this solar panel is designed for a wide array of applications, offering a versatile, lightweight, and robust solution for your energy needs.

Key Features of the Sunman EArc 430W Flexible Panel

  • High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Cells: At the core of the EArc 430W panel are high-efficiency monocrystalline cells, known for their superior performance in converting sunlight into electricity. This means more power generation even in limited spaces.

  • Innovative Flexible Design: What sets the EArc 430W apart is its remarkable flexibility. This panel can conform to various surfaces, making it ideal for applications where traditional rigid panels are not feasible.

  • Lightweight and Durable: The panel's advanced materials make it significantly lighter than conventional solar panels, facilitating easy transportation and installation. Despite its lightweight nature, it does not compromise on durability, standing up to harsh environmental conditions.

  • Easy Installation: The flexibility and lightweight design of the EArc 430W panel simplify the installation process. It's suitable for a range of mounting surfaces, including those not typically conducive to solar panel installation.

  • Aesthetic Integration: With its sleek and low-profile design, the panel blends seamlessly into various settings, preserving the aesthetic appeal of buildings, vehicles, and more.

Versatile Applications

The Sunman EArc 430W Flexible Mono Solar Panel is not just limited to traditional solar applications. Its versatility opens up new possibilities:

  • Residential and Commercial Buildings: Ideal for rooftops where load or structural limitations exist, or for integrating into the design of modern structures.

  • Marine and Boating: Perfect for use on boats and yachts, where its flexibility allows for mounting on curved surfaces and its lightweight nature ensures minimal impact on vessel stability.

  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs): Enhance the energy independence of RVs, campervans & Motorhomes without adding significant weight or altering their external appearance.

  • Portable and Emergency Power: Suitable for portable solar solutions and emergency power setups, where ease of transportation and installation are key.

  • Off-Grid Applications: In remote areas, the EArc 430W panel provides an efficient and adaptable solution for off-grid power needs.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective Energy

Adopting the Sunman EArc 430W Flexible Mono Solar Panel is not just a choice for efficiency and versatility; it's a step towards sustainable living. By harnessing solar power, users reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future. Additionally, the energy produced can lead to significant savings on electricity bills, making it a cost-effective investment over time.

These lightweight yet robust solar panels are perfect for caravans, motorhomes, yachts, trains, buses and other applications.

Made with a Patent Pending composite material similar to those used in airplane windows. These panels are tough enough to be approved by the Clean Energy Council for residential use yet they don’t have a heavy, rigid frame or glass.

Features Ultra Light: Glass fibre module, 70% lighter than conventional glass modulesFast Installation: Through ‘Quick Bonding’ installation eArc requires no penetration, reduces time on roof by 40% and eliminates the use of mounting hardwareAesthetic: Seamless integration with underlying installation surfaceDurable: eArc is the first glassless module to pass the same durability tests as convectional glass modules, including IEC 6125:2016, IEC61730:2016 and UL1703 (USA). eArc has also passed PID, salt mist and ammonia corrosion tests




2 Years



Manufacturer Part Number


Cell Type




Solar cells

144 (12×12)

Maximum Series Fuse Rating


Maximum Power Current (Imp)


Maximum Power (Pmax)


Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)



L2054 x W1093 x D2mm

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