Sterling Power 48V 15A Digital Battery Charger - PCU4815

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Sterling Power PCU4815

With years of experience in this market everything Sterling Power could possibly think of was combined into this product range, resulting in the Ultimate Battery Charger.  However, do not take their word for it.  This was confirmed on its first competative test with Sailing Today Magazine where it won premium product against the toughest competitiors (Mastervolt and victron plus others).  It was described as "this has to be the most flexible marine charger on the market today".  Similarly, the Pro Charge Ultra won the innovation award at IBEX Kentucky 2010, the largest international boat building exhibition in the USA where the Pro Charge Ultra has been recently relseased onto the market.



- Power Pack / Power Supply. This charger works effortlessly as a power supply to DC loads to prevent depletion of your battery capacity.

- Battery Temperature compensation sensor included. 

- Comprehensive 32 LED front panel. The user is provided with a voltmeter, ammeter and output power display. The panel also includes charging profile statuses and warning statuses.

- Multi Lingual. The Pro Charge Ultra now comes with front labels, Remote control and instructions in different languages: English, French, German and Spanish. 

- 11 pre-programmed charging profiles for AGM, Gel, sealed/flooded and calcium batteries. We also include a customizable option to allow the user to programme their own profile via the front panel. 

- Larger voltage / current requirements? The Pro Charge Ultra series can be put in series or parallel with other Pro Charge Ultras. This is enabled by the chargers have dynamic charging ability


Technical Specification  
DC V 48 V
Rating (A) 15 A
Length  315 mm
Width 215 mm
Height 90 mm
Weight 3 kg
Warranty 5 Years

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