Pylontech US2000C 48V 2.4kWh lithium storage solar battery

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Solar lithium storage of the latest generation, which offers maximum safety and a long service life even with regular deep discharge. The solar storage has an integrated battery management system (BMS) in each individual module.

The Pylontech can be mounted in 19 inch cabinets or with the accessory holders on top of each other or standing side by side. The system is modular and can therefore be individually adapted to the needs of your household or commercial operation. The memory can be connected to a total of 16 pieces.

Technical specifications:

  • Technology: Lithium iron phosphate LiFePo4 Service
  • Life: 6000 cycles at 90% depth of discharge
  • Rated voltage: 48V Rated  
  • Capacity: 2400Wh Charge
  • Voltage range: 52.5 - 53.2V
  • Recommended charge current / discharge current: 25A
  • Maximum charge current / discharge current: 50A (peak 100A for 15 seconds)
  • Lenght: 442mm
  • Width: 410mm
  • Height: 89mm
  • Capacity: 50Ah
  • Warranty: 7 years

Scope of delivery: 1x PylonTech LiFePo4 module 48V 2.4 kWh US2000C with BMS 1 x battery module connection cable (1x+ and 1x-)

PylonTech is a leading manufacturer of lithium battery energy storage systems and has been for over 10 years. PylonTech specialise in BMS, EMS and system integration, with a wide range of products suitable for domestic micro-grids, commercial energy storage, photovoltaic power plants and base stations.

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