Powerparts BCA Converter Power Distribution Unit - BC21001

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Powerparts BCA Converter Power Distribution Unit BC21001

Similar to Sargent EC155

The connector PDU harness kit is the ideal solution for converting your van into a camper.

A compact yet powerful PDU unit, and everything you’ll need to connect to the PDU.

The Perfect complement if you wish to carrying out all your own wiring and choose your control panel, carrying out a conversion couldn’t be easier.

Included in Kit:

PDU, Connector Kit

The PDU has a 230V input to a 25amp RCD that provides 4 230V outputs for sockets and appliances through a 16-amp MCB.

It also has a 6amp MCB for the 10amp power supply which converters 230V to 12V.

There are 12 separate fuse protected outputs for: Auxiliary, Lights, Hob/Oven, Heater, Pump/toilet, Control Panel Ignition, Control Panel Perm, Fridge, Fridge 3S, Permanent, Leisure Battery, Vehicle Battery.

PDU Dimensions – Width: 307mm Depth: 93mm Height: 262mm

This Kit also comes with all the Connectors and terminals needed to connect to the PDU

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