NDS Energy Semi Flexible Solar Panel 12V 105W (Rear Junction Box) - LSE105BR

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NDS Energy Semi Flexible Solar Panel 12V 105W (Rear Junction Box) - LSE105BR

LIGHTSOLAR is the “Glass & Frameless” range of solar panels designed for applications where weight, thickness and resistance are fundamental characteristics. The cells of these monocrystalline panels, with an efficiency of 18.75%, are embedded in an exclusive multi-layer structure: the upper layer is a plastic polymer called ETFE highly resistant to corrosion and weathering, such that it can be defined as self-repairing. The surface of the panel, always exposed to scratches from tree branches, hail, sharp surfaces or other accidental shocks, is able to self-model, returning to the initial shape ideal for capturing sunlight.

The lower layer of the structure is composed by an Alluminum sheet to contain and dissipate as much as possible the heat generated by the cells and to give the panel such strength that it is also perfect for nautical applications, where (with suitable and soft footwear) it is possible to step on the panel.


Main Features:

Structure - Built with 7 layers, including the ETFE surface, the best surface in terms of efficiency and durability, and an alluminum sheet that tightens it making it more robust and improving the dissipation of heat.

Junction Box - The NDS aerodynamic box contains the supplied 3 meters connection cable and the bypass diodes required to reduce shading


This special version of LightSolar has a completely flat surface, thanks to the use of a new connection method called Back Junction Box and laminated diodes included in the frame of the panel itself.

The position of the connection cable, on the back, eliminates the Junction Box from the exposed surface of the panel. The round box, only 30mm in diameter, tightens the cable, making the connection solid and secure.

This version is ideal for pop top roofs, minimizing space requirements, eliminating cable clutter, as well as unsightly and complex cable boxes.

Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Power 105W
Number of Cells in Series 36
Dimensions L1253 x W673 x D4mm
Weight 5.82Kg
Warranty 2 Years

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