Merlin Smartgauge Battery Monitor MER-19-1001

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Merlin Smartgauge Battery Monitor 


The Merlin SmartGauge Battery Monitor is the most accurate battery monitor currently available today.

Conventional battery monitors use a Current Measurement Shunt to ‘count’ amp-hours in/out of a battery. The problem is that an amp hour changes according to temperature, discharge rate, charge rate, and condition of the batteries. This means that conventional monitors run out of synchronisation and after a time can display misleading information.

The Merlin SmartGauge uses a completely different type of monitoring method. Real-Time battery measurements and proprietary algorithms coupled to computerised battery models allow SmartGauge to always provide real-time battery % of charge remaining AND will never run out of synchronisation with the battery. What’s more, installation is easier and SmartGauge can be easily used and understood by all crew members.

In recent independent tests by leading battery manufacturer, Enersys, The Merlin SmartGauge was found to be more accurate than conventional battery monitors.

The Merlin SmartGauge displays the battery voltage for your domestic battery bank and % remaining. Conventional monitors always show % remaining of theoretical capacity when the battery is new – not actual. Bearing in mind that batteries lose around 10% of capacity per year, this means that inherent inaccuracies grow. SmartGauge displays real-time capacity remaining so you are never surprised by running out of power early.

The Merlin SmartGauge will also display the battery voltage for your engine battery. It is fitted with a high/low voltage alarm for each battery and a low % remaining alarm. A volt-free contact on the rear of SmartGauge allows you to trigger external alarms, auto generator start, etc.

The Merlin SmartGauge’s large LED display is easily read in all lighting conditions and the unit is suitable for 12 and 24V battery banks. Installation comprises of connecting 3 wires and telling the unit which style of battery you have. Programs include:  Semi Traction Open Lead/Acid, Leisure Lead/Acid, Sealed Lead/Acid (High Calcium), Gel, AGM, Lifeline, Odyssey, Optima, and custom programs.

Smartguage Specifications:

Voltage Range                                8-40VDC (Suitable for 12 and 24V systems)
Current (Sleep Mode)                     5mA
Current (Display On)                        <15mA
Operating Temp                   -25 to + 85 degrees Celsius
Accuracy                              Absolute maximum error of 10% during charge (Self-correcting)
Voltage Accuracy              +/-0.5%
Dimensions – Front Panel    110x76mm
Dimensions – Body               95x64mm
Dimensions – Overall depth           28mm
Weight                                               200g
Protection Rating                 IP20 – Front Panel   IP65
Standards Compliance                   CE, ISO7637-2

The Merlin Power SmartGauge is an advanced battery monitoring system that measures electricity without the need for a traditional shunt. Instead, it uses a unique method to monitor battery status. Here's how the Merlin Power SmartGauge works:

  1. Voltage-Based Measurement: The SmartGauge primarily uses voltage readings to assess the state of charge (SoC) of the battery. This is different from traditional methods that measure current flowing in and out of the battery using a shunt.

  2. Complex Algorithms: It employs sophisticated algorithms to interpret the voltage data. These algorithms take into account the battery's characteristics, such as its age, type, and usage patterns, to accurately determine the SoC.

  3. Temperature Compensation: The SmartGauge also considers the temperature, as battery voltage can vary with temperature changes. This ensures more accurate readings under different environmental conditions.

  4. History and Usage Patterns: The device learns from the battery's history and usage patterns. Over time, it becomes more accurate in predicting the battery's state by understanding how it behaves under various loads and charge conditions.

  5. Direct Connection: The SmartGauge is directly connected to the battery terminals. This direct connection allows for continuous monitoring of the voltage without the need for a shunt to measure current flow.

  6. User Calibration: Users can calibrate the SmartGauge according to their specific battery type and usage, which enhances the accuracy of the readings.

  7. Display and Interface: The device provides a user-friendly interface that displays key information like the state of charge, voltage, and estimated remaining capacity.

By avoiding the use of a shunt, the Merlin Power SmartGauge offers a simpler installation and reduces potential points of failure in the system. However, it's important to note that while voltage-based measurements can be very accurate, they may not always provide the same level of detail as systems that measure both voltage and current.

Merlin Smartgauge Datasheet

Merlin Smartgauge Datasheet

Merlin Smartgauge Datasheet

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