LithiumPro 150AH ARCTICXTREME Lithium Leisure Battery

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LithiumPro 150AH ARCTICXTREME Lithium Leisure Battery

Introducing the 12v 150AH Lithium Battery from LithiumPro Energy:

The premium range from Lithium Pro Energy, the ARCTICXTREME with SmartIQ technology. The 12V 150AH Lithium Battery has been designed for power hungry devices and applications. The ARCTICXTREME is the UK’S most powerful lithium battery in a standard DIN H8 case. Using Advanced BMS technology the ARCTICXTREME can deliver up to 200 amps of continuous power, enabling you to run up to a 2500W inverter continuously with only a single battery. The next most lithium powerful battery in this size case is 110AH and it can only run a maximum of 1400W before the BMS will shut down the system.

Our Premium SmartIQ Series features the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, enabling you to monitor your batteries’ health in real-time. You can track the state of charge level, voltage, power, current, temperature, and much more. All our Premium SmartIQ Series batteries come with a full 5-year warranty and have an expected lifespan exceeding 10+ years.

The ARCTICXTREME battery comprises traceable Grade A LiFePO4 prismatic cells of the highest quality. We ONLY use traceable Grade A Prismatic cells in all of our range.
Designed and engineered in the UK specifically for the UK market we have retained the standard SAE Automotive style DIN battery size with familiar brass terminal posts. In terms of size, this battery is a like-for-like replacement. This battery is a Plug & play replacement, meaning you do not need to replace your existing battery cables or connecting leads. Just remove your old lead acid battery and replace it with the smaller, lighter, and more powerful lithium ULTRAVOLT weighing only 10kgs.

The battery has the same base rail, allowing it to be secured into position just like before. It’s ideal for motorhomes, caravans, or camper vans.

You can fit two SMARTIQ SERIES batteries perfectly under the seat of a Fiat Ducato’s, Peugeot Boxers, Citroen Relays, Merc Sprinter, VW Crafter, T5, T6 and Transit Custom. 

All our Premium Smart IQ range batteries come with a full 5-year warranty, with an expected lifespan exceeding 10+ years.

 All LithiumPro batteries have undergone rigorous testing procedures to ensure they comply fully with all UK & EU Legal Product Certification. The batteries demonstrate compliance with UKCA, CE, ROHS, EMC & RED

Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 150Ah
Energy 1920Wh
Internal Resistance ≤10 mΩ
Efficiency ≥99%
Self Discharge <3% per month


Dimensions (LxWxH) DIN H6 280x178x189mm
Weight 10 Kgs
Cycles ≥5000 @ 80% DOD
Case Material ABS
Enclosure Protection IP67
Terminal Type SAE Brass Post
Cell Chemistry (EVE-LF105) LiFePO4


Max Continuous Charge Current 200A Recommended (75A)
Max Continuous Discharge Current 200A
Peak Discharge 260A (10Secs)
Discharge Protection cut-off 10V
Over Charge Protection cut-off 14.5V
Passive Cell Balancing Voltage 3.5V
Short Circuit Protection 900<500uS


Charging Voltage (CCCV) 14.4V
Float Voltage 13.8V
Charging Current ≤ 75A
Parallel & Series Connections Max 4 (48V)


LithiumPro Energy 150AH Lithium Leisure battery

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LithiumPro 150AH ARCTICXTREME Lithium Leisure Battery Datasheet

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LithiumPro 150AH ARCTICXTREME Lithium Leisure Battery Guide

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