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Fusion SG-FLT883SPW 8.8" 3i CRGBW LED Wake Speakers 330W - Sports White - 010-02773-50

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  • Enjoy premium sound, specifically optimised for wake boats
  • The marinised design has an IP65 rating
  • Multiple mounting accessories are available
  • 8.8″ design with sports style grilles
  • CRGBW LED lights set the scene on the boat
  • Built to last season after season, the Fusion Signature Series 3i Marine Wake Tower Speakers include a supported 3-year warranty
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Premium Sound, All Year Long

Engineered For The Wake - Designed specifically for wake boat applications, these speakers have a precisely calculated enclosure for high quality audio reproduction at any volume level.

Marinised Design - An improved mechanical and material design delivers superior protection from the harsh marine environment, season after season.

True-Marine Philosophy - Any product that bears the Fusion True-Marine seal of assurance has been designed by Fusion to withstand the harshest marine environments season after season and comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Own the Wake, Complete the Vibe

Curv® Cone Technology - A lighter and stronger woven fibre composite produces greater sound definition at a higher volume.

LED Illumination - Cool white, red, green, blue, warm white. Choose and mix colours to match the mood of the music.

System Integration - These speakers are designed to work optimally with Fusion® stereo systems and amplifiers (sold separately) with custom DSP profiles. This requires the Fusion-Link smart-device app for setup.

8.8″ Sports Speakers - Available in sports white or sports black, these speakers feature a redesigned enclosure and mounting bracket system.

 In The Box

  • One pair of wake tower speakers
  • Documentation

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