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Maximizing Power Efficiency: Explore the Advanced Features of DMT1230 DC-DC Battery Charger by Kisae Technology


Kisae Technology Inc. stands at the forefront of innovative power solutions, particularly in the realm of efficient battery charging. The DMT1230 DC-DC battery charger is a flagship product that exemplifies the company's commitment to power efficiency across various industries.

Features and Benefits of DMT1230 DC-DC Battery Charger

  • Dual Input Capability: The DMT1230 offers unparalleled flexibility with its dual input capability. It can be charged via MPPT solar input when stationary or through the engine/alternator while driving.
  • Multi-Stage Charging Algorithms: This charger is designed to optimize battery performance through its multi-stage charging process, including bulk, absorption, float, and recharge stages. It's compatible with gel, AGM, flooded, and lithium batteries.
  • Compact Design: Its small footprint and included mounting brackets make installation and storage effortless.
  • Silent Operation: The DMT1230 operates silently, providing a quiet power solution.
  • Maximizing Power from PV Solar Panels: With an MPPT solar regulator, it ensures maximum power delivery from PV solar panels to the battery.

Applications of DMT1230 DC-DC Battery Charger

The DMT1230 is versatile, catering to:

  • Off-grid power solutions
  • Leisure and recreational activities
  • Commercial use in various industries
  • Emergency backup power

How to Use the DMT1230 DC-DC Battery Charger

  • Installation Process: The charger is designed for easy installation.
  • Connecting PV Solar Panels and Engine/Alternator: It allows for seamless integration with solar panels and the vehicle’s charging system.
  • Adjusting Settings and Monitoring Battery Status: Users can easily adjust settings and monitor the battery’s status for optimal performance.

Case Studies: Real-life Examples of DMT1230 DC-DC Battery Charger in Action

  • Off-grid living and rural electrification
  • DC to DC charging for Campervans, Motorhomes & RV's
  • Leisure and marine applications
  • Emergency backup power for businesses


The DMT1230 DC-DC battery charger by Kisae Technology Inc. is a testament to the company's innovation in power efficiency and reliability. It's an essential tool for anyone needing dependable, efficient charging solutions in today's world. Explore Kisae Technology Inc.'s range of power solutions and products to discover how they can meet your power needs.

 DMT1230 Battery to Battery Charge with solar MPPT

Features and Benefits

    • DC to DC Battery Charger

    • Microprocessor controlled multi-stage charging algorithms(bulk, absorption, float) for gel, flooded,AGM and Lithium batteries plus equalization for flooded batteries

    • Silent mode for quiet operation

    • MPPT solar regulator allows you to provide maximum power from solar panels to battery

    • Optional remote allows you to view system information

    • Dual Input Capability: MPPT Solar Input & Auxiliary Input.

    • Multi-stage battery charger ensures that your batteries are charged the way battery manufacturers recommend.

    • Digital Display

    • Auto 12v/24v detection on start up

    • Small footprint, extremely compact design.

    • Saves money by maximizing battery life.

    • Will charge you battery(s) faster and up to full capacity which is not achieved through standard alternator split charge systems

    • weight 1.85kg

    • dimensions 242 x 172 x 74mm

  • 2 year warranty

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