Caravan & Campervan Tracking and Monitoring - Location, Battery Status, Inside Temperature & Impact Monitoring

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Caravan and campervan remote tracking with Location monitoring, Battery status, Inside temperature and Impact alerts.

Our affordable remote tracking solution for your Caravan, Campervan, Motorhome or Yacht.

Insytly provides you with battery vitals and remote location monitoring at all times, from anywhere.

Batteries, temperature, location, impact, and movement monitoring in one solution with extremely low power usage and monthly subscription.

⦿ Remotely monitor battery data from anywhere in the world.

⦿ Grants insight into the location and status of the vehicle from a centralised dashboard.

⦿ Monitor humidity and ambient temperature 

⦿ Connect external sensors and alarms for added security benefits.

⦿ Remotely control up to 8 switches onboard (Relay Module add-on).


15 minute interval data & location pings - £3.99 per month
5 minute interval data & location  pings - £6.99 per month
Live Updates - £9.99 per month

Remote Monitoring of Campervan & Caravan Battery Datasheet



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