Blue Sea

Blue Sea 5056 ST-Blade Water Resistant Fuse Block

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Provides water-resistant circuit protection for ATO/ATC fuses ; circuit breakers in a compact footprint. The single side nesting design allows for wire entry from one side to maximize space. Water-resistant design with standard ring or fork type terminals allows for simple wiring with standard tools Accepts a wide range of wire sizes Includes 3 wire plugs to maintain water resistant rating if less than 4 loads are required Accepts ATO and ATC fast-acting blade fuses Accepts ATO/ATC-Style Low Profile Circuit Breakers Nests with other ST-Blade Water-Resistant Fuse Blocks and Water-Resistant 100A Bus Bars to reduce wire Insulating cover meets ABYC/USCG insulation requirements Tin-plated copper busses and fuse clips Includes four write-on circuit labels Small format standard and custom labels available Spare fuse and fastener storage in cover

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