Blue Sea

Blue Sea 1521 Panel 360 P12 Charger Remote Display LED (replaces 1521B-BSS)

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LED Indicators Charging LED- Quick check for green light confirms charging. Charge Stage- Displays charging stage. Equalize LED- Indicates the charger is currently in equalization mode. Fan Mode- Indicates charger's internal fan mode. Charge Output- Displays the percentage of output current for each battery.Will also indicate maximum output setting when maximum output is adjustedto accommodate for AC source limitations.. Alert- Icon LEDs provide warning and alert status for quick diagnostics Four Control Buttons Fan- User adjustable settings. Dim/ Alarm- Provides adjustment to brightness of LEDs on display as well asSilence function for alarms.. Output- User adjustable charger output when AC source limitations exist thatrequire lowering the AC current draw.. Power- Places P12 Battery Charger into standby mode

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