Alfatronix PV65R-AFF IP65 Single USB A Charger - Front Fit

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  • Input voltage range: 9-32Vdc
  • Output voltage: 5.2Vdc +/- 0.2V
  • Max Output Power: 2.1A
  • Off load current (quiescent current): <2.5mA
  • Power conversion efficiency: 90%
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +55°C
  • Connections Input: 6.3mm push-in flat blade connectors
  • Output: 1 x USB A Socket
  • Output indicator: Blue LED output indication
  • Mounting method: Rear Fit version; 30mm diameter hole, secured with rear nut
  • IP Rating: IP30

A & C Port USB Charging For 12V And 24VDC Applications

The PowerVerter PVPro Range of USB chargers has been completely updated into the A & C Range, amalgamating all the great design concepts of USB charging into one simple range. Models are now available offering both USB A and C connections, including Single and Double A as well as Single C and a combined Dual A & C output version.

As well as standard rear fit version, all models are also available in front fit versions. This is a popular option for when rear space access is limited, and also allows for quick removal and replacement if required. Ingress protection is to IP30 as standard. However, the PVPWp versions retain the slimline design and offer enhanced protection to IP65 (not connectors). The ruggedised PV65R versions which are also IP65 (not connectors), offer additional transient protection and are particularly suitable in more demanding environments.

Output power performance has also been enhanced. As well as charging both Apple and Android mobile phones, the USB C models offer higher current outputs for limited charge assistance on tablets and laptops.

Standard versions require only 20mm (typical) rear space and can easily be installed in bus and coach seat backs, walls and dashboards. A series of installation pod designs enable retrofit options for underseat, table and wall mounting.

The Range

All units are installed through a 30mm hole. Standard format units are retained by a rear nut while the front fit versions include a bezel with tamperproof cover ring. Input power is by way of two 6.3mm push-in flat fit automotive terminals.

Dimensionally the A and C Chargers are the same and are interchangeable with the ever-popular PVPro Range. Electronically the designs include reverse polarity protection and automatic short circuit protection, so in the event of tampering or compromise the unit will shut down, then restart again, once the fault has been removed.


The PVPro A and C range of chargers are manufactured using rugged components to provide years of service in demanding commercial environments and are covered by a three year return to base guarantee.

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