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200W Black Semi-Flexible Solar Panel - Round Rear Junction Box -5M Cable - Durable Etfe Coating

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200W Black Semi-Flexible Solar Panel - Round Rear Junction Box -5M Cable - Durable Etfe Coating

We love high-quality solar products. That's why we have developed this highly durable black semi-flexible solar panel reinforced with anodised aluminium and a strong ETFE surface and made from German monocrystalline solar cells. This model also features a rear-fitted circular junction box and 5m dual-core cable. This high efficiency 200W solar panel is perfect for permanent outdoor use to provide free electricity for charging 12V batteries to power various applications, such as in a motorhome, caravan, camper, boat, or for solar lighting systems, off-grid, and backup solar power systems. The panel can also be used to provide direct power supply for applications not sensitive to changes in input voltage / current (e.g. electric motors or pumps) and for various grid-tie applications.

DIMENSIONS: 1410 x 710 x 3mm
3 Year Warranty

Strong ETFE coating:

The surface of this 200W semi-flexible solar panel is made of strong ETFE material which has a longer service life compared to standard semi-flexible solar panels. As a result, these particular semi-flexible solar panels are extremely hard-wearing and less prone to cracking , delamination and corrosion. The lightly textured coating of this panel creates an anti-reflective surface which allows the panel to absorb a far greater amount of light, thereby increasing efficiency. ETFE material has long been used in applications where durability and high-temperature resistance is required, such as in the Eden Project, Cornwall. You can read more about ETFE and its benefits here.

High quality 5-busbar solar cells:

The high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells used in this solar panel have excellent performance in low light conditions (particularly when compared to solar cells of unknown origin) and they produce a good amount of power even in daylight - when direct sunlight is not available. These long-lasting solar cells will provide many years of consistent, free power.

Simple, professional installation:

This particular model features the junction box and cable on the rear side of the panel to create a completely level surface and professional finish after installation. Unlike other solar panels, the junction box on this solar panel is a circular shape with only one dual core cable (3m length) attached, allowing for simplified installation. Please note: in order for this panel to be flush-mounted, a recess must be cut in to the roof/surface.

This solar panel has a unique black backing, making this solar panel ideal for discreet and aesthetically pleasing installation on dark coloured roofs, vehicles or mounting surfaces. Please note that this solar panel is not 'ultra jet-black' - the exact hue may vary marginally from panel to panel, depending on the batch of solar cells.

Other benefits:

Semi-flexible design makes it ideal for  curved roofs and surfaces where bonding is preferable (though the panel can also be fixed by bolts or screws)
The panel is incredibly light (only 3.85kg) which is great for all vehicles

Sealed waterproof design ensures the panel can be used in all weather conditions
Junction box on the back allows for a smooth and level surface, free of trip hazards and unsightly cables. Round shape for easy fitting.
Fitted with a single length of high quality 5m dual core cable for easy installation and wiring

Solar panel specifications:

  • Electrical Characteristics
    Type Monocrystalline (A Grade, 158.75mm, High efficiency)
    Peak Power (Pmax) 200Wp
    Power tolerance range (%) ±3%
    Open circuit voltage / Voc (V) 20.8V
    Max. power voltage / Vmp (V) 17.6A
    Short circuit current / Isc (A) 12.27A
    Max power current / Imp (A) 11.37A
    Maximum System Voltage (V) 200V DC
    Above Specification at standard test conditions(STC):1000W/㎡, cell temperature 25°C, AM1.5
    Panel Info
    Part number SPF200R
    Power 200Wp
    Cable type 2.5mm twin core Red / Black (UV stable)
    Cable length 5m
    Frame Material N/A
    Face material ETFE
    Dimensions (mm) 1410 x 710 x 3mm
    Performance UK weather (weather dependant)
    Average expected winter 9.01Ah (160Wh) per day (0.8h)
    Average expected Summer 68.2Ah (1200Wh) per day (6h)
    Performance (of cells 20 years (at 80% of day 1 performance)
    Product construction 3 Years

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