Installation & Configuration of Victron Orion DC to DC charging units.


Installation & Configuration of Victron Orion DC to DC Chargers in Camper or Motorhome.



It is only necessary to run the positive cable from the vehicle starter battery to the Orion DC charger.

In the case of a campervan or motorhome the vehicle chassis is a common earth the Orion DC to DC charging units can be grounded directly to either the chassis, a negative busbar or directly to the negative of the leisure battery (provided the battery or batteries are earthed to the vehicle).

Our DC to DC charging kits come with the length of positive cable selected at checkout and only 2m of negative cable. As mentioned above the DC chargers can be grounded to any convenient point.

In the case of an Isolated DC to DC charger the 2 negatives can both be taken to earth wherever is convenient.

Configuring your DC to DC charger

Download the Victron Connect App from your App store onto your smart phone or tablet. When connecting to the DC charging unit the PIN number can be found on a small sticker on the side of the unit.

Most importantly ensure your Orion unit is set to charger as shown below, by default they are set to power supply mode.

Next select the battery type preset.

  • Factory Default – suitable for Victron batteries
  • User Defined – Allows you to Set your own charging parameters

You will most likely select ‘User Defined’ and use charging parameters as defined by your batteries manufacturer. The following are general guideline settings and won’t be too far wrong if you can’t establish otherwise.

Lead Acid

Bulk: 14.4V

Absorption: 14.4V

Float: 13.6V


Bulk: 14.7V

Absorption: 14.7V

Float: 13.6V


Bulk: 14.2V - 14.8v

Absorption: 14.2V - 14.8v

Float: 13.6V - 13.8v

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