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"In this day of Autobots and online Ai customer service, it has been a real pleasure to discover the Van Junkies online shop which is actually supported by real people who know what they are talking about, are genuinely interested in the products they sell, are very competitive, go the extra mile when it comes to customer service and above all else, make themselves available by phone, online chat and email to help you through your van build.  


We have been retrofitting a 10-year-old Motorhome,  bringing it up to date with new solar, leisure batteries, controllers and all the extras that go with that. Our ambition is to be able to go off-grid for weeks at a time.  We had been researching for months (thank you YouTube) trying to work out exactly what we wanted but 'solar overwhelm' was directing us around in circles.  Then we found VanJunkies and all our problems and all that hesitation was over, thanks to their good, honest and well-informed advice.
Nick helped us work out exactly what we needed, made up a supply list of high-quality but competitively priced equipment and talked us through the options we could consider in order to fit everything ourselves.  Our upgraded solar system is being fitted in two parts, our priority is getting the solar and leisure batteries sorted urgently so we can get out there and enjoy the summer asap, then this autumn, we will return to the build & add in a B to B charger and a totally 'the nuts' inverter which will open up our habitation options during winter travel.  
Thank you Nick, Leanda and the team at Van Junkies for what has been the best customer service ever."



"Hugely impressed with Van Junkies! Made a great saving on a Maxxair Deluxe fan, and all my other products we're really competitive.  BUT WAIT! So I made a mistake on my order - I went on live chat at 9pm, was answered right away and my refund was in my account before I left the chat... Never have I ever had a refund this quick... outstanding service. Will continue to support this small business throughout my Van Build"


"Fantastic before and after service, these guys know their stuff!"


"Ordered a 175w Solar panel kit from Van Junkies and couldn't be more pleased. Delivered as promised and were available on the end of the phone for installation support"

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