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Comparing the Victron ORI121217040 and ORI121236140: A Detailed Analysis

Comparing the Victron ORI121217040 and ORI121236140: A Detailed Analysis

In the world of DC-DC chargers, Victron Energy stands out as a leading manufacturer, offering a range of products designed to meet various power management needs. Two notable models in their lineup are the Victron Orion XS Buckboost 50A (700W) Non-Isolated DC-DC Charger ORI121217040 and the Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A (360W) DC-DC Charger ORI121236140. This article provides a comprehensive comparison of these two models, highlighting their features, applications, and suitability for different requirements.


The Victron ORI121217040 and ORI121236140 are both DC-DC chargers designed to manage and convert power in systems where stable and reliable DC power is essential. Despite their shared manufacturer and basic function, these models differ significantly in their specifications, features, and intended use cases.

 Key Specifications

- **Model ORI121217040**: This model is a high-power, non-isolated charger with a maximum output of 700W and a 50A current rating. It is designed for heavy-duty applications and can handle a wide input voltage range.

- **Model ORI121236140**: The ORI121236140, on the other hand, is a smart charger with a maximum output of 360W and a 30A current rating. It is more suited for medium-duty applications and offers smart features for enhanced control and monitoring.

Power Output and Efficiency

- **ORI121217040**: With its 700W output, this charger is ideal for systems that require a substantial power supply. It is efficient in converting and stabilizing voltage, making it suitable for high-demand applications.

- **ORI121236140**: The 360W output of the ORI121236140 is sufficient for less demanding applications. Its efficiency is optimized for medium loads, and it offers smart energy management features.

Input Voltage Range

Both chargers can handle a wide range of input voltages, but the ORI121217040 is designed to accommodate a broader spectrum, making it more versatile in fluctuating power environments.

Features and Technology

- **Buck-Boost Technology**: The ORI121217040 utilizes advanced buck-boost technology to adjust the input voltage to the desired output, whether it needs to step up or step down the voltage.

- **Smart Features**: The ORI121236140 stands out with its smart features, including Bluetooth connectivity and integration with Victron's remote management platforms. This allows for easy monitoring and adjustments via a smartphone or tablet.


**ORI121217040**: This model is ideal for heavy-duty applications such as large marine systems, off-grid solar setups, and industrial applications where high power and reliability are crucial.

 **ORI121236140**: More suited for automotive, RV, and smaller marine applications, the ORI121236140 offers smart control and is perfect for systems that don't require as much power but benefit from remote monitoring and management.

Installation and Compatibility

Both models are designed for easy installation, but the ORI121217040 might require more consideration due to its higher power output. The ORI121236140, with its smart features, may require additional setup for its remote monitoring capabilities.

 Price Point

The ORI121217040 is generally priced higher, reflecting its higher power capacity and robust design. The ORI121236140, while offering advanced smart features, is more affordable and suitable for budget-conscious users who need a reliable but less powerful charger.


In summary, the choice between the Victron ORI121217040 and ORI121236140 depends largely on the specific power requirements and desired features. The ORI121217040 is best suited for heavy-duty applications requiring high power output and robust performance. In contrast, the ORI121236140 is ideal for users who need a smart, efficient, and moderately powerful charger for medium-duty applications. Both models exemplify Victron's commitment to quality and innovation in power management technology.

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