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VSR Kit - Victron Cyrix-Ct 120A kit with all required components

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This voltage-sensitive relay kit comes complete with all the necessary components to integrate the Victron Cyrix-ct 120A into your campervan or motorhome's electrical setup. The kit comprises:

  • Victron Cyrix-ct 120A battery combiner
  • 2 x 150A MEGA fuses
  • 2 x  Victron MEGA fuse holders
  • Red and black cables - 50mm2 for lengths up to 8m
  • 6mm Control Cables
  • Cable lugs for connections to the starter battery and leisure battery

Cyrix-ct 120A Battery Combiner

The Cyrix-ct 120A functions as a voltage-sensitive relay, automatically linking your leisure and starter batteries when a specific charge voltage is reached, and separating them when the voltage drops below the float level, indicating discharge. This model is capable of charging a leisure battery at up to 120A/hr. For additional details, refer to our split charge relay explanation.

IMPORTANT: The Cyrix-ct battery combiner, a voltage-sensitive relay, is not suitable for vehicles with Euro 5 or Euro 6 engines that utilize a smart alternator. Most vehicles registered post-September 2013 fall under Euro 5 or 6, which you can verify with your V5C document. In such cases, a battery-to-battery charger is recommended.


A voltage-sensitive relay (VSR) is only viable in vehicles without Euro 5 or Euro 6 engines and with lead-acid (not lithium) leisure batteries.

Intelligent Battery Monitoring

Unlike basic relays, the Cyrix-ct 120A employs advanced software to monitor battery voltage trends over time, connecting or disconnecting batteries not just on immediate voltage levels but also considering the direction of voltage change with a specific time delay. This method prevents disconnection during short, high-amperage loads and ensures connectivity with large, discharged battery banks without immediate disengagement due to voltage drop.

Overheating Protection

The Cyrix disengages in the event of excessive contact temperature and will reengage once it cools down, providing an additional layer of protection for your system.

Cyrix VSR Kit

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