Blue Sea

Blue Sea 1800 Vessel Systems Monitor VSM 422- Box

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Three intuitive display modes. Flexible case design offers three mounting options. Fully programmable legends and adjustable alarm functions can be customized to fit every boat. Included in retail packaging—head unit, surface mount bezel, surface mount gasket, DC Current Shunt 8255, AC Current Transformer 8256, Battery Temperature Sensor 1820, connectors, and mounting screws. Monitors DC systems—voltage, amperage, battery state of charge - amp hours remaining, time remaining, % charge, battery temperature (alarms for all values). Monitors AC systems—voltage, amperage, watts, frequency (alarms for voltage, amperage, and frequency). Monitors tank levels—fuel, water, waste, (alarms for high level waste, low level fuel, and water). Monitors bilge—active, cycle count, and duration (alarms for cycles and duration)

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