Powerpart Converter PDU & Harness Kit with Water Probe - BC21007

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PowerPart Converter PDU & Harness Kit with Water Probe.

The converter PDU harness kit is the ideal solution for converting your van into a camper. With a complete plug and play system, compact yet powerful PDU unit, Sleek Control panel and Water probe (for onboard water tanks) carrying out a conversion couldn’t be easier.

Included in Kit:

PDU, Wiring Harness, Vegas Control Panel (With Water level indicator) &Water probe.

The PDU has a 230V input to a 25amp RCD that provides 4 230V outputs for sockets and appliances through a 16-amp MCB.

It also has a 6amp MCB for the 10amp power supply which converters 230V to 12V.

There are 12 separate fuse protected outputs for:

Auxiliary, Lights, Hob/Oven, Heater, Pump/toilet, Control Panel Ignition, Control Panel Perm, Fridge, Fridge 3S, Permanent, Leisure Battery, Vehicle Battery.

PDU Dimensions – Width: 307mm Depth: 93mm Height: 262mm The Wiring Harness has 300mm Ignition, permanent and water probe options from the PDU and a 1m length from the PDU breaking out into separate 1m lengths to feeds for: x2 lights, x2 Auxiliary, 12V fridge, Heater, Hob/Oven, Toilet, Pump and a 2M length to the Control Panel. Vegas control Panel is a x2 C-Line in size.

The Button Panel has a master switch, Lights switch and Awning light switch, 2amp rated (Connection to awning light from Control Panel) and the meter panel has a voltmeter and water level indicator. Water level probe has a maximum of 335mm that can be cut down to correct depth of water tank.

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