Parallel Connection Kit For Iconica 24V Kms Or Zt Series Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverters

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This parallel connection kit includes all of the parts required for connecting multiple identical Iconica 24V inverters together in parallel. Compatible models include:

Iconica 24V KMS series hybrid inverters - such as Iconica 5000VA 24V KMS inverters
Iconica 24V Zero Transfer ZT series hybrid inverters - such as Iconica 3000W 24V inverters
The kit includes:

1 x Circuit board
1 x Communication cable
1 x Current sharing cable

A maximum of nine Iconica KMS or ZT series inverters can be connected together to increase the total system power handling capability. Once connected in parallel, the inverters can be set to either single phase or three phase operation mode, typically used for running industrial equipment.

This parallel kit is suitable for linking identical Iconica 24V KMS series inverters OR Iconica 24V ZT series inverters in parallel. Please note this kit is not compatible with any other inverter from the Iconica range.

Connection of additional inverters is very simple and full instructions can be found in the detailed user manual supplied with this parallel connection kit.

Please note: One parallel connection kit is required per Iconica inverter. For example, if connecting two inverters together, two connection kits are required.


Compatible with identical 24V KMS series Iconica Hybrid inverters or Iconica 24V ZT series inverters
1 x circuit board
1 x communication cable
1 x current sharing cable