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40W (20W+20W) Solar Charging Kit With 10A Controller And 5M Cable

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This 40W solar charging kit includes:

Two high efficiency 20W polycrystalline solar panels, each with 2m cable
Advanced 10A 12V/24V automatic solar charge controller with battery protection functions
5m dual core battery cable
User manual with installation instructions

2 x 20W solar panels:

This kit includes two waterproof high efficiency 20W solar panels which are perfect for permanent outdoor use to provide free power for charging a 12V battery to then power various devices for many applications (e.g. 12V lights, fan, water pump, electric fence etc). The kit can also be used to charge a leisure battery in a camper, caravan or boat.

The long-lasting, high-efficiency, polycrystalline cells and the tough, sealed, aluminium frame on each panel will provide years and years of consistent, free power. The waterproof design ensures that the panels can be used in all weather conditions.

The panels each come with 2m cable attached to the waterproof junction box on the back. Please note that the junction box protrudes approximately 0.5cm beyond the frame, which means that there must be some space left between the frame and flat surface when mounting each panel (note 1.0 - 1.5cm space under each panel is typically recommended for cooling).

10A solar charge controller:

The kit includes a 10A 12V/24V Photonic Universe solar charge controller designed to protect batteries whilst charging them, with automatic cut off to prevent over-charging and deep discharge. The controller uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology which increases charge acceptance and prolongs the life of your battery. Often PWM technology can recover some lost battery capacity.

This controller stops reverse current at night (from the battery back to the solar panel) so your battery won't lose any charge. It has many other protection functions such as over charge / discharge, over load, short circuit, overheating etc. Other features of this controller include LED indicators, temperature sensor, and a load "on/off" button. One of the greatest benefits of this powerful 10A controller is the small size - only 14x7cm.

This controller can work with sealed, gel and flooded batteries (the default is sealed) or a user-defined battery type - this setting is accessible through one of the communication methods listed below. The controller can accept up to 160W (12V battery) / 320W (24V battery) of solar power input, which makes it a perfect choice for small or medium solar PV systems with a battery and load such as in a campervan or boat.

The solar charge controller also features advanced communication technology, which offers the user the opportunity to monitor and program parameters for the solar charge controller through various methods:

1) The controller can be connected to a remote meter MT50 with an LCD screen, which displays system performance information, and allows the user to manually adjust parameters and load settings

2) The controller can be connected to a Wi-Fi module to create a Wi-Fi network, to which your mobile phone or tablet can connect, in order to monitor or adjust charging parameters and controller settings through a free mobile app - Solar Station Monitor (available for Android and iOS users).

3) An RJ45 to USB cable can be used to connect the controller directly to your PC / laptop, where parameters and settings can be monitored and adjusted via a free computer program - Solar Station (Windows-based PCs and laptops only).

Using one of these communication methods, the user will gain access to various charging parameters such as voltage, current (separately for solar panel / load), battery state of charge, accumulated charge and discharge energy, min/max voltage and other information. If required the user will also be able to amend the battery type and capacity, set charging volts for different charging stages, specify the duration of each charging stage, create a user-defined battery type with charging parameters specific to their battery (if the pre-existing options are unsuitable), personalise the 'load' settings (e.g. set timers for lighting, fans, pumps) and more.

In addition to the built-in temperature sensor, the controller has a pair of terminals for connecting a remote temperature sensor, which can be attached directly to the battery to measure the battery temperature more precisely and optimise the charging process.

Additional items:

This kit also includes 5m of dual core battery cable (2.5mm cross section) for connecting the solar charge controller to the battery.

Solar panel specifications (per panel):

Peak power: 20W
Maximum power voltage: 17.5V
Maximum power current: 1.14A
Open circuit voltage: 21.6V
Short circuit current: 1.23A
Power allowance range: +/- 3%
Dimensions: 485 x 345 x 25 mm
Weight: 2.0 kg
4 mounting holes
2m cable attached

Charge controller specifications:

Rated current 10A
Fully automated operation and auto 12/24V selection
Wide solar input voltage range up to 50V
3 pairs of terminals (input, battery, output)
LEDs to indicate charging, battery and load
Temperature sensor for automatic compensation (-3mV/°C/2V)
Over load protection (≥1.05 times the rated discharge current)
Short circuit protection (≥2 times the rated discharge current)
Over charge / discharge, overheating and other protection features
Self-consumption: ≤ 8.4mA (12V) / ≤ 7.8mA (24V)
Working temperature: -35C to +50C
Terminals for wire up to 4mm2
Size: 13.8 x 6.9 x 3.7 cm
Weight: 130 g
Multiple mounting holes for ease of installation

Please note: due to our warehouse arrangements, the solar charge controller may be shipped from a different warehouse to the solar panels and therefore delivered in a separate package.

This product is covered by a 1 year warranty provided by Photonic Universe (including a 1 year warranty for the solar charge controller and a 1 year workmanship

Wiring guide for Solar Panel Kits in Series

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