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Pop Top Solar Kits

A solar panel on the pop top of your camper van can dramatically increase your independence. In the summer months, the right size and quality of panel will produce sufficient amps to run your fridge, lights and water pump without the need to plug into 230v mains power or drive the vehicle to recharge the leisure battery.

Our range of flexible solar panel kits for Pop Tops have been put together with the following requirements:

Flexible - The selected panels are able to curve to the profile of the roof of the vehicle enabling easy bonding and a perfect fit. 

Low Profile - All of the kits contain panels that are 4mm or less in thickness therefore not spoiling the roofline of the camper van

Waterproof - The solar panels are completely waterproof. The assembly of the panels ensures that the 6-layer heavy-duty laminate protects the solar cell circuit in the event of extreme conditions.

Durable - An ETFE covering ensures that the panels are durable and when bonded to a suitable surface can even be walked on.

High Performance - Only high-quality components and German solar cells are used in our kits ensuring the maximum solar charge is passed through to your Leisure Batteries.