Mastervolt MLS Lithium Battery-10 Ah

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Entry into Lithium Ion technology. For smaller capacity applications up to 90 Ah. Drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries. Saves up to 70 % in space and weight. Three times the lifespan of traditional batteries. High cycle efficiency. Fast charging up to one hour. High discharge rate up to 1C. Integrated Battery Management System (BMS). Self-regulating due to its integrated automatic safety disconnect. Suitable for unlimited parallel operation. Waterproof electronics cabinet. Extremely safe LiFePO4 chemistry. Tested and certified according to UN38.3. Applications The MLS batteries are suited for many different applications where capacity up to 90 Ah is needed. Its compactness and low weight plus the fact that it is mountable in multiple orientations, make it ideal for portable applications such as mobile communications. The MLS is also often used for (UPS) backup power. Applications range from small boats and vehicles to security systems and industrial applications.