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High Efficiency 50A Mppt Solar Charge Controller For Solar Panels Up To 625W (12V) / 1250W (24V) / 1875W (36V) / 2500W (48V) Up To 150V

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MPPT Technology:

This solar charge controller uses the most advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to track the maximum power voltage point of solar panels as it varies depending on sunlight exposure and temperature. This technology ensures the maximum efficiency of your solar system and significantly outperforms standard PWM solar controllers. Another benefit of MPPT technology is the wide solar input voltage range - this controller can work not only with standard off-grid 12/24V solar panels, but also with multiple panels with voltage up to 150V. The maximum combined input solar power allowed for this controller is 625W for a 12V battery system, 1250W for a 24V system, 1875W for a 36V system and 2500W for a 48V system. In particular, this controller will significantly increase efficiency of a solar system where the solar panel voltage is much higher than the battery voltage (e.g. charging a 12V battery with a 36V solar panel).

Full system protection:

This charge controller features a comprehensive set of electronic protection functions to ensure the maximum possible efficiency of your solar system. These include: reverse current prevention at night (from the battery back to the solar panel), automatic cut off to prevent over-charging and deep discharge, solar panel over voltage and short circuit. The controller also has an automatic over-temperature power reduction function (derating of the controller when temperature increases). The self-diagnostic capability of the controller highlights any system errors using advanced fault-targeting technology.

Advanced system monitoring:

The controller automatically recognises 12/24/36/48V battery systems (note a battery should always be connected to the controller first before connecting a solar panel)
Built-in LCD screen shows real-time charging parameters such as voltage, current, battery state of charge, accumulated charge and discharge energy
Easy to use buttons allow the user to manually select the battery type (sealed, flooded or gel)
Removable front panel provides access to a replaceable fuse in the terminals compartment
Dry contact load terminals to switch the load output on and off
Dry contacts for starting a generator when the battery is low
Current limiting function (50A) allows the possibility of adding more solar panels to your solar system in the future
Parallel connection capability - the controller can connect to a maximum of 7 additional identical controllers in parallel to expand the system (RS485 cables required).

Multiple connectivity options

This model also features advanced communication technology, which offers the user the opportunity to monitor and program parameters for the solar charge controller through various methods:

1) The controller can be connected to a remote meter MT50 with an LCD screen, which displays system performance information and allows the user to manually adjust parameters and settings

2) The controller can be connected to a Wi-Fi module to create a Wi-Fi network, to which your mobile phone or tablet can connect, in order to monitor or adjust charging parameters and controller settings through a free mobile app - Solar Station Monitor (available for Android and iOS users).

3) An RJ45 to USB cable can be used to connect the controller directly to your PC / laptop, where parameters and settings can be monitored and adjusted via a free computer program - Solar Station Monitor (Windows-based PCs and laptops only). If using the RJ45 to USB cable, the user also has the option to create a user-defined battery type with charging parameters specific to their battery (if the pre-existing options are unsuitable).

Using one of these communication methods, the user will gain access not only to the standard charging parameters already shown via the built-in LCD screen, but also additional information such as min/max voltages, temperature, protection cut off voltages, diagnostics and other information. If required the user will also be able to amend the battery capacity, set charging volts for different charging stages, specify the duration of each charging stage, create a user-defined battery type with charging parameters specific to their battery (if the pre-existing options are unsuitable), and more.

In addition to the built-in temperature sensor and intelligent heat-dissipating design of this controller, there is also a socket for connecting a remote temperature sensor, which can be attached directly to the battery to measure the battery temperature more precisely and optimise the charging process.

Controller specifications:

  • The most advanced MPPT technology to ensure high efficiency (>95%) of your solar system
  • Fully automated operation and auto 12/24/36/48V selection for lead acid batteries
  • 2 pairs of terminals (solar panel, battery) for wires up to 16mm2
  • Maximum solar panel voltage 150V
  • Maximum solar panel power 625W (12V) / 1250W (24V) / 1875W (36V) / 2500W (48V)
  • Temperature sensor for automatic compensation (-3mV/°C/2V) 
  • Comprehensive electronic protection features
  • Communication port: RS485/RJ45 interface
  • Grounding: negative common ground
  • Current limiting function (50A)
  • Self-consumption: 98mA (12V) , 60mA (24V), 50mA (36V), 46mA (48V)
  • Working temperature: -25°C to +60°C (temperature derating above 40°C)
  • Size: 261 x 216 x 119 mm
  • Mounting dimensions: 180 x 204 mm
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Multiple mounting holes (7mm diameter) for ease of installation